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Today’s life could be changed in a heartbeat.

One poor decision and you may be faced with a lifestyle you didn’t even know existed.

Witness the tale of a woman who was once Entitled.


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Caroline’s parents are killed in a tragic motor vehicle accident and she is left alone, except for her dog, Hurry. She is inexperienced in matters of the heart, lonely since her parents’ deaths, and marries a work colleague, Owen.

She knows that this is not a match made in heaven, but goes ahead with the wedding against her better judgment. He bullies her, and when she is pregnant with their child, he ignores her existence. After Gavin is born, Caroline knows that if she is to have any chance of a better life, she needs to find a way to earn some money and put it away where her husband won’t find it.

Owen hates the shiny red kettle that sits on the kitchen bench and is a constant reminder to him of Caroline’s former life. This is where she secretes the money she makes at her part-time job.

Margie, the owner of the coffee shop for whom Caroline secretly bakes cookies, asks her what she is saving up for. Caroline answers “Freedom.”


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